Small Steps Can Make Big Differences!

What are you doing today? What’s one small thing you could add to your day? Maybe you’re going to work, and have a packed day of meetings and projects. A busy night with the family, and little time for much else.

Sounds like a full life.

But what if you got up 20 minutes earlier and did a light workout? What if instead of driving to lunch, you walked, or took a quick walk after lunch? What if you did this every day? These small steps, and things like them can add up to BIG changes in your life.

We’re all busy. We all have jobs that are equally important – from our own perspectives, but there’s always room for small changes. It’s like the old adage of the college professor and the jar full of golf balls, that he adds pebbles, sand and then water to in order to illustrate that just because something LOOKS full, doesn’t mean it IS full.

What small changes can you make that will add up to big things in your life?

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