What keeps you going?

What keeps you going? That’s an important question. For many people, there’s an excitement involved with starting a workout plan that motivates them. They realize they need to take an active role in their health and decide to make a change. It’s exhilarating! You begin to plan what you’ll do, reward your good intentions by buying some new workout gear, maybe invite a friend along on the journey with you.

But then what? You start the work – and they call it work for a reason, it’s hard. It’s not as much fun to put in the work as the initial excitement made it seem. You get sore, sweaty and feel stiffer than Frankenstein’s monster the next day. But you go back the next day, and the day after and the day after that.

The next thing you know, you start to see and feel changes. The work’s still hard, but you have more energy, it’s easier to pick things up than it used to be and getting in and out of furniture, or down on the floor to play with a kid isn’t that hard to do anymore. You keep going back.

The next thing you know, you’ve developed a habit. It feels weird NOT to workout. Your yearly doctor’s appointments start feeling more like brag sessions “Yeah, I eat properly, yes, I workout. Uh-huh, I HAVE dropped a few pounds since you last saw me.”

All because you made one simple little commitment and somehow decided to stick with it.

So, what keeps you going?

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