Slow results are still results

Welcome to the second month of 2020! For many people, the new year – the new decade at that – brought with it the promise of eating right and getting in shape. Maybe dropping a few extra unwanted pounds. So how’s that going for you? Are you frustrated by a process that’s slower than you’d like? It’s ok if you are! In fact, that’s perfectly normal, as is a slow progress.

The maddening part about slow progress is that for some DNA gifted individuals, that very same progress happens much more quickly for them. It really is a luck of the draw on how our bodies respond to changes in diet and exercise. Instead of getting frustrated, double down on your promise to get in better shape. Evaluate honestly how you’re doing. Are you really eating as cleanly as you wanted too? Are you pushing yourself in the gym? Are you staying on your routine and going to the gym when you said you would? is it enough? Are you doing everything you said you would or tiring out and skipping parts of your workouts? Is your “cheat day” turning into “cheat days”? Are you sabotaging your workouts by “rewarding yourself” after a workout with something unhealthy that may be undoing all that hard work?

It’s time for a check in with yourself. Recommit. Realize that slow progress is still indeed progress! You’ll get where you want to be if you stick with it and stay honest with yourself – you’ve got this!

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