Double Down!

OK guys, It’s time for a moment on Oprah’s couch. I’m just not feeling it. I know I need to write something – I’ve made commitments to all of you, but I’m just not in the right headspace.

I’m fighting a cold right now – which is rare for me (one of the nice side benefits of taking care of your body is it takes care of you too!) I’m frustrated because I know the cold is going to hinder my workouts for the next week or so. So truth be told, I’d rather go park on the couch and numb my mind with some trashy Netflix show that requires no thought. But, I ask myself what would I tell any of you that shared that with me? The answer is pretty easy to dispense – re-commit and double down. Remember why you do this, and go do it!

So here I am, making sure that I have something to share with you that – I hope – speaks to someone who maybe isn’t feeling it today either. Something that inspires that person – maybe you – to go out there and grind it out. Because when you’re finished, you’ll feel that much better that you did!

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