Do NOT get discouraged!

I’ve said many times, fitness and diet aren’t easy! Both take time to see results, and if not done right, they can get boring. Either can cause you to get discouraged, but you don’t have to fall victim to this feeling and lose your momentum.

For me, avoiding the frustration of slow results is easy to overcome. I just have to remind myself that anything good takes time. You can see examples of this all over the place, from watching plants grow, to watching people grow – nothing happens overnight. Sure some grow faster than others, but none are instant, so it’s unfair to expect your own change to happen overnight – no matter how badly you may want it to!

Avoiding the boredom factor is also pretty easy, but many people overlook the solution. People like structure. They like knowing what’s expected of them, and what they need to do to ‘get the job done’ but they also get bored if they don’t feel challenged. Unfortunately, that familiarity and security can also breed boredom (Not fair right?).

The answer to this is shake things up. If you’re lifting weights and are bored with it, mix it up. Look for some new workouts online and give them a try. Still bored? Try breaking out of the usual. Instead of lifting, try a Crossfit gym, or go for a cardio boxing class. Heck, really change it up and try a hot yoga class – or maybe even rock climbing (indoor parks abound in case you live in a plains state).

As to your diet, look for some fun new recipes to try. Change up what you usually eat – if taco Tuesday is your thing, but you’re sick of tacos (for the record I have yet to have this problem!) then switch it up to salmon Tuesday – go nuts!

You get the idea. Change the pace, it doesn’t always have to be the same. You never know, you just may love the new thing more than the old!

The end goal is always the same though, if you’re bored with your fitness, or you’re frustrated by your results (or perceived lack thereof) do NOT get discouraged, do something about it. Be as bold as you were in the first place when you decided to undertake a fitness and diet change, and change things up again – variety, after all, is the spice of life!

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