At Home Workout Series #1 – Spell Your Name!

During these unprecedented times, many of us have lost access to our gyms. When something like this happens, it’s easy to feel lost. I know from personal experience because the gym that I LOVED went out of business about a year and a half ago. Thanks to this lovely COVID-19 malaise, many of us are experiencing that same feeling, and it can be tough to deal with.

Unfortunately, also due to this COVID-19 malaise, it’s never been more important to stick with your fitness. A strong body also means a strong immune system. In a post I made a week or so ago, I included a link to a ton of free programs that are being offered by gyms and fitness facilities to help people to work from home. However, if you’re not wanting to try something new for fear of how complex it may – or may not be, I wanted to offer some potentially less daunting options. So I thought I’d try to post some easy to follow at home options that you guys can try out – no pressure – to keep your bodies moving and healthy!

Without further ado, I present torture – I mean workout – option #1: “Spell Your Name”. The premise of this workout id really simple, Print out the chart below. Each letter of the alphabet has an exercise corresponding to it. Spell out your name, and complete each of the exercises corresponding to a letter of your name. First name AND last name. so for example, if your name is “Sam” then you begin with 20 mountain climbers, 10 burpees and 20 lunges – each exercise corresponding to S-A-M. Get it?

Now, let’s get real. There’s a major flaw with this workout, if your name is “Sam Cox” then you’re gonna workout a lot less than someone named “Tabitha Greenwell-Blansford”. If your fitness level is pretty new to the game, then by all means, just use your name, but if it’s not, then choose another word to spell out. Likewise, if you’re new to the game, and are saddled with a name like poor Tabitha, then choose a shorter word to spell out – Use your judgement, but push yourself!

Lastly, Enjoy!

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