Staying Focused

So as the world turns upside down with social distancing, closing of public spaces, restaurants and gyms, and the local shut-in starts looking pretty sane, it’s pretty easy to lose focus. Right now all of us are (or should be) cocooning up to slow the spread of the latest coronavirus. The question is – what are you doing with your time?

Are you staying indoors and feeling depressed and maybe a little scared? Are you feeling lost and hopeless, freaked out by the raids on grocery stores? Or are you keeping a cool head and finding ways to make the best of things?

I hope its the later and not the former. Many of us have had our fitness routines turned on their heads. With our gyms closing, it leaves a lot of people stuck at home unsure of what to do. There are plenty of options, some of which I’ve outlined in last Thursday’s post, but please do something to keep your body moving through all of this. I have a free workout routine you could take the opportunity to start that you can do from inside your home without equipment. You could start a meditation schedule, or look into an at home yoga class from Amazon Prime (you can sign up for a free 30 day trial that will – hopefully – get you through the quarantines) or your cable provider. At least get out there on warmer days and take walks or go on runs. The point is don’t lose your focus, remember why you started your fitness journey and stick to your plan, just modify it to work with these incredibly unusual circumstances.

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