Weathering the Storm

We are all in the same boat; however, we are not all in the same storm.

For some people, it is sprinkling. This is a break. It’s a breather. It’s a much-needed rest. It’s a pause from the busy-ness of life. A time to re-connect with their families. Honestly, it’s kind of peaceful.

For some people, it is a storm. It’s a bit scary. It’s disruptive. It’s enough to make you stay up and obsess about the news. And worry. A lot.

For some people, it is a hurricane. It’s tearing away at boards. It’s destroying rooftops. It’s washing them out to the sea. It’s dark and unknown. It’s life changing.

It’s not WRONG to be enjoying a sprinkle or enduring a storm. But, please don’t negate the difference. 

Rest with your family; but don’t minimize the hurricane engulfing your neighbor. 

Laugh at a meme, but get on your knees and pray for your friends.

Get in someone else’s storm and help them weather through it.

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