Just do it…

OK, so the title is a bit cliched at this point, thanks to a certain shoe company who is in no way supporting this blog – I know – hard to believe right? In any case, I’ve been thinking about their tagline, and it speaks volumes about finding success in life, not just in the fitness realm, but as it relates to success in anything in life.

Unfortunately, it also speaks to failure, and I think that’s what keeps many of us from following this solid advice. “Just do it” do the thing, sure it might lead to failure, but it might also lead to success! It might lead you to the greatest adventure of your life!

Just do it speaks strongly to the idea of “Every journey begins with a single step.” – so take your step, quarantine be damned! Start your fitness journey, do it today, do it now! Start your path to healthier eating or healthier lifestyle, go make your grocery list, do it now! Stop ignoring the things that you know are good for you simply because it’s easier to ignore them. No one ever looked back and said “Gee, I wish I’d worked out less.” Or “Gee, I wish I had type 2 diabetes, but I made conscious choices to eat healthy”.

Push yourself to greatness, because it won’t happen by itself.

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