One Day… Or Day One?

As we come out of quarantine and the world slowly re-opens around us, many of us are getting excited! We’ve been cooped up for two months or more, and what may have at first felt like a vacation is beginning to feel like a prison sentence! A lot of people have adopted new hobbies in order to break up the monotony, and many of us have shifted our fitness plans to indoor / at home workouts, and a lot of people have taken the initiative to start a fitness program for the very first time in their lives, but now what – or what if you never started a fitness plan in the first place? Well, in that case, you’re stuck with a question to answer – will today be the day you look in the mirror and answer the question of starting a new fitness plan with “one day…” or “day one”?

“One day” is a great answer to kick the can down the road. To refuse to look for the greatness that exists in you. To put off your health for another day – or week, or more. “Day one” on the other hand is a phenomenal answer! Immediately, you feel empowered. You’ve taken charge of something in your life at a time where so many things feel out of our control. You’ve made the choice to better yourself, not just for an aesthetic reason, but so much more!

Choose you. Choose “Day One”.

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