Stop Wishing, Start Doing!

There’s a saying, “Stop wishing, start doing.” It applies to more than just fitness, it’s a great platitude to live your life by. What are your hopes and dreams, and what’s holding you back from accomplishing them? Is it too many other commitments in your life? Is it just sheer laziness (let’s be honest – we all fall victim to it!)? Maybe it’s that you lack the tools to achieve your dream – for now.

Whatever the reason, throw aside the one’s that are really just excuses, and begin taking the steps you need to achieve that dream or goal! Do it today! Start increasing the weight on the bar, or the distance of the run. Push yourself for a second or two faster time. Start taking the classes you need to start a new career. Free up your schedule to make time for the things that really matter.

You never know what great new path you might set yourself on!

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