You’re Stronger Than You Think

An interesting phenomenon happened to me the other day. I was lifting weight, and pushed out a set of 10 dumbbell curls. They seemed harder than usual, but I did the 10 repetitions and then put the weights back in the adjustable base only to realize that I had accidentally dialed in a weight that was 10 pounds heavier than what I thought it was. In my haste, I hadn’t paid attention, so what I thought was my usual working weight was significantly heavier!

That made me realize something very important: You’re not pushing yourself.

I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that you’re doing your best, pushing yourself to the limit, when in reality, there’s a lot more left in the tank. That one lesson, showed me in a very real way, that I am more capable than I allow myself to realize. It made me wonder how that might apply to other areas of my life as well. Am I really taking myself to the limit in everything I do? Can I work a little harder? Can I lift a little heavier? Maybe more importantly, it made me wonder – what if I did?

What if you did?

Let’s all see what happens, you never know, it could be life changing!

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