What Is Your Mindset?

If there’s one thing that has the biggest impact on your success, in whatever arena: fitness, business, personal life – literally anywhere – it has to be your mindset. How are you approaching the world? Do you look at the things in your life as burdens, or opportunities? Because the answer to this question matters. It matters a lot!

A victim mindset is easy to fall into, and it means that you view life and the world as happening to you. That things are outside of your control. Sometimes that may be true, but a successful person looks for the opportunities in EVERYTHING. Even in situations outside of their control. You may look at these people and think that they’re ridiculous, or stupid, or just wasting their time, but I guarantee that these are the same people who will find success. Even in a bad situation, these people will come out on top, less affected by the negativity, or using it to propel themselves forward to greater things.

The beauty of this is this is a choice. It’s a choice that each one of us can make, and whether or not we realize it, we DO make, every day. Each decision that greets us, we decide a course of action, even not choosing is a choice. Do you choose an optimistic path? A path of success even in the face of obstacles that may seem difficult or impossible to overcome? Or do you give in. Do you let life decide for you? Do you ‘let the cards fall where they may’ and succumb to fate? Or do you fight like hell for the things you want? Do you do your best to make things happen for yourself?

Sometimes, that means putting in the work, whether at the gym, at the office, or in a relationship. Sometimes it means putting yourself in uncomfortable or stressful positions in order to come out on top, with a new friend, more respect, or greater gains.

Again, this is all a choice. What do you choose?

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