Meaningful Reasons

With the current state of the world, it feels a little hollow to try to write something motivational. There’s such an overwhelming heaviness in the air with everyone isolating themselves to do their best to ‘flatten the curve’ of COVID-19. But if you get outside into the sunlight, there are plenty of examples of people who haven’t lost their positivity.

It’s a little strange, but by forcing isolation, people are outside enjoying nature more than ever before. I see families on walks, or friends playing Frisbee in order to responsibly keep their distance. Kids on their bikes, pedaling around the neighborhood. It reminds me that there will be an end to this pandemic, and that fills me with hope.

So then I try to sit down at my keyboard, and write something to try to help you, my readers, stay motivated on your fitness path. I just keep coming back to what I’ve said here many many times, “Remember why you started”. I think in a way, that’s what I’m seeing outside when I see so many people enjoying life. It seems like a grounding element has returned to many peoples lives that is reminding them of what’s really important in life, reminding them why they’re on their path. Hopefully you are able to find your focus through all of this, to use your body, to challenge it, and to really revel in what it’s capable of, and realize that you’re pushing to make it stronger and better than it was before.

Remember why you started this journey? Has that reason changed? Maybe you can find a truly meaningful reason now, that will help push you through not just feelings of “not feeling it”, but through any challenge that might take you off course.

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