At Home Workout Series #3 – Daddy Needs A New Pair of Shoes!

We’ve got a new home workout for you today, and it feels like “welcome to Vegas baby!” In all seriousness, why do all of these at home workouts feel like you’re gambling? I suppose it’s the idea of easily randomizing a set of instructions that helps to make things feel different, and at the same time make these workouts stay fresh each time you do them. Today will be no different, so break out that old monopoly game and get ready to have your butt kicked by a little ‘ole pair of dice!

Here’s the set up

  1. Roll both dice, add the result together, the number shown on the dice is how many exercises you’re going to be rolling for.
  2. Any total from step one under four becomes seven. So if you roll snake eyes, you’re not picking two exercises, you’re going for seven – you’re not getting off that easily!
  3. Now roll both dice again, and write down the exercise from the list below, that becomes the first exercise you’re going to perform. Do this for each number you rolled in the second step.
  4. Once you’ve rolled your workout and written everything down (you did write it down right?) you’re going to perform three sets of EACH exercise – 10 repetitions, with a 30 second rest between sets. That means a total of at least 30 of each exercise, broken down into groups of ten, with a 30 second rest between each set.

Got it? Great! Now for the work:

All exercises are linked to an example on You Tube – some examples are better than others, but hey, this is youtube, you can’t be too picky with some of these.

1. Push-ups
2. Sit-ups – 20 per set
3. Chair Triceps Dips
4. Dynamic Tension Bicep Curls
5. Pike Presses
6. Back Widow (paper plates underneath elbows)

7. Body Weight Squats – 20 per set
8. Body Weight Calf Raises– 20 per set
9. Alternating Leg Lunges (both legs = 1)
10. Superman (or Superwoman!) (2 second hold per number)
11. Glute Bridge
12. Alternating Reverse Lunges (both legs = 1)

Some Options (Because I’m All About The Options!):

  • Turn this into an upper body workout by only rolling one dice in step 3 in the set-up. The list is intentionally split with upper body exercises for the first 6, and lower body workouts for the second 6. And I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now – you smart cookie – if you want a lower body only workout, do the same, but only select exercises from the second half of the exercise list. Now you have three workouts in one – upper body, lower body and total body – we’re clever like that!
  • Is this too difficult of a workout for your current fitness level? Scrap the seven exercise minimum, or only roll one dice, and work from there. Still too tough? Modify, modify, modify! There’s no shame in the modification game! Do pushups on your knees instead of your toes, don’t go so deep in your lunges and squats, do 6 or 7 reps instead of 10. There are lots of ways to modify, but PUSH YOURSELF!
  • There is no hard fast rule to this workout, modify the list with workouts you like – try coming up with six core exercises for a new list and challenge yourself there (we only included one core exercise in each set of six exercises, so you may get off easy there!
  • Don’t like randomization? go down the list and do all 12 exercises instead of randomizing with dice.
  • Do every other exercise each day for a quicker routine with less chance for repeating the same exercises. Be creative!

There’s a lot of variety that can be achieved with some simple gaming props found around the house. Let me know what variations you come up with – maybe you’re a gamer with some 20 sided dice laying around the house, and the urge for a long workout with a lot of variety! I’d love to hear what you do to challenge yourselves!

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