What A Time To Start!

Are you currently one of the many who are stuck at home in lock down, struggling to balance your lightened workload (if you’re lucky enough to be someone who has kept their job) with the rest of your overturned life? I know that for many of us, that’s exactly what it feels like – like someone took the drawer that contains all the elements of your life and upended it onto the floor.

This is a horrible feeling, but not an altogether bad thing to have happen. Now you’re forced to sift through it and see what still applies, what really matters, and what can be tossed aside in favor of what really counts. Then you work with what’s left. Thats tough. Especially when a lot of the things that make you – you, need to be placed on a shelf for a while until this pandemic ends.

But what a great time to start new things! Why not pick up a pencil and draw something? I don’t care if you have any artistic talent or not. Passable skill with art is like many things in life, it just requires focused practice. Why not start writing a short story? It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, have fun with it, laugh at how awful it is – or marvel at a hidden talent you may not have known you possessed! Start working out – there are several plans I’ve posted on the blog in the past few weeks that will give you a great starting point!

Even though this is a fitness blog, I don’t care what you start, but try something new, start a new hobby that you can try from home, pick up that old dusty guitar and polish up your skills, start a garden from seeds in your vegetables, re-read your favorite book – but give yourself permission to have some “you” time that’s not just watching another episode of “The Tiger King” on Netflix.

What can you think of that you can do for your mental health through all of this? Fitness is a great option for both physical and mental health, but Id love to hear your thoughts. What are you doing to keep it together?

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